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Galvion Batlskin Viper A3 Tactical Performance Helmet

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Galvion’s Batlskin Viper A3 Helmet, designed specifically for Law Enforcement, Special Forces and SWAT personnel, stops NIJ IIIA level threats. Manufactured to meet stringent quality standards, the helmet delivers the level of ballistic and impact head protection demanded for tough tactical operations. The Viper A3 helmet is made of aramid materials and built in the ACH shape. The Batlskin Viper A3 Helmet is the foundation for all Batlskin modular components, including the Front Mount, Interlocking and Standalone Long Rails, Mandible Guard & Visor.

  • Low-profile design
  • Designed for comfort
  • Viper helmet shells feature a streamlined, modernized, cutting-edge design inspired by the U.S. Army Advanced Combat Helmet
  • Compatible with standard face shields, NVGs, Chem/Bio Masks and communication devices
  • Offers unsurpassed impact protection and ballistic-rated hardware
  • Tested for ballistic performance from -40°F to 158°F 
  • Significantly exceeds 2200 ft/s (670 m/s), 1.1 g FSP
  • Stops NIJ IIIA level threats (9mm, 44 mag & .357 SIG) (NIJ 0106.01)
  • Meets U.S Army Standard for impact protection (CO/PD-05-04)

Restricted Item. This item is restricted to Law Enforcement, Military or Government personnel. Appropriate credentials are required.

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