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Education - Tactical Specialist

At Curtis Blue Line, we know education and product familiarization are just as important as purchasing the right gear. That’s why we offer a full-time Tactical Product Specialist to assist agencies with demos and product familiarization.

Our Tactical Specialist

  1. Is vendor trained
  2. Has extensive user experience
  3. Can assist with recommendations based on agency's specific needs and budget

Agency Benefits

  1. Make an informed buying decision
  2. Maximize budget
  3. Hands-on product familiarization

2021 Tactical Product Specialist Tour Dates - Lane Critser

Our Tactical Product Specialist is on the road providing product familiarization to agencies, demoing technical products and attending tradeshows and conferences throughout the year. If your agency is interested in product familiarization or a demo, please review the schedule and complete the Demo Request Form.


18 - 22 | Arizona


1 -5 | Colorado

15 - 19 | Idaho

22 - 26 | Western Oregon


27 | NVG Fundamentals Full Spectrum Training Consulting


11 - 15 | WSNIA Training Summit, Couer d'Alene, ID

25 - 28 | Kane County Tactical Tracking School, Kanab, UT


17 - 20 | MSTOA, Helena, MT


4 - 6 | SKIDDS, Riverton, UT


17 - 19 | MSSTC, Thistle, UT


7 - 10 | CDIA Summit, Vail, CO


22 - 23 | ATOA Conference, Peoria, AZ


19 - 23 | CNOA, Reno, NV

Product Demonstrations / T&E

Product Demonstrations / T&E

Meet Our Tactical Product Specialist

Lane Critser

Lane Critser is a recognized expert in law enforcement training, tactics, operations, and equipment. He has more than 20 years of law enforcement experience with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office where he served as a police service dog supervisor, field training officer, and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team instructor and leader. He is a Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified adjunct instructor teaching police service dog, firearms, wall stops and directed enforcement. Lane focuses on education, product familiarization, and sales for law enforcement equipment and tactical products.

Lane Critser | 801.656.7465


Available Educational Opportunities