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Education - Uniform Specialist

At Curtis Blue Line, we know education and product familiarization are just as important as purchasing the right gear. That’s why we offer a full-time Uniform Specialist to assist agencies with demos, product familiarization, and uniform selection.

Our Uniform Specialist

  1. Is vendor trained
  2. Has extensive user experience
  3. Can assist with recommendations based on agency's specific needs and budget

Agency Benefits

  1. Make an informed buying decision
  2. Maximize budget
  3. Hands-on product familiarization

Richard Underdahl

Richard Underdahl has significant practical experience as a former police officer regarding tactical clothing and uniforms. In addition, he has worked in the sales field with many agencies over several years gaining understanding of their current needs and what makes sense in this new world we find ourselves in. Rich focuses on education, product familiarization, and sales for law enforcement uniforms, tactical clothing, and tactical products.

Rich Underdahl | 971.404.8581