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Mountain States SWAT Training & Competition

In 2014 the Mountain States SWAT Training & Competition (MSSTC) was born out of necessity when staff at Curtis Blue Line and local law enforcement agencies recognized a gap in training options. It had been over a decade since the western region of the United States offered a team-based SWAT training that could accommodate agencies and budgets of all sizes. With the collective efforts of prior and active SWAT team leaders and certified training staff, the first Mountain States SWAT Training & Competition took place in August of 2015 with teams from the surrounding region and has been growing each year since.

The Training

MSSTC utilizes team-based training in real world scenarios and focuses on the critical skills training that most agencies would typically cover in a given year. The training encompasses both live fire and non-lethal training ammunition scenarios which allows teams to evaluate their training effectiveness and identify training points to focus on in the coming year. The competition is secondary to the training but plays on the competitive nature of individuals to engage them further for the best training possible.

The training doesn’t teach or promote a certain tactic, rather tests the tactics that each department has in place for different situations. Teams are given event evaluations to take back and reference for future training.

This event is organized and staffed by active or retired law enforcement and military subject matter experts in their various specialties.

SWAT Teams

Each team is comprised of 6 team members including 1 dedicated marksmen/snipers.

Interested in participating? Complete a Team Application. or contact Jason Richards, 801-946-1729.

Teams returning from prior year participation are guaranteed their team spot until the early registration deadline, May 31, 2021. After that, all team spots are first come first serve based on date of registration. Register early to guarantee your team’s spot.

Individual Officer Competition (MSIOC)

In 2019, at the request of many non-SWAT officers, we added a day for individual officers to compete on the shooting range for time and accuracy. This is a great opportunity for officers to test themselves among their peers and hone in their marksmanship skills. This event is open to ALL active Law Enforcement Officers or LEOSA Qualified retirees. There is NO SWAT requirement to compete at this one day event.

Officers will compete in 8 ranges including 4 handgun events and 4 carbine/duty rifle events. Officers can use agency approved duty pistols and rifles only and must supply their own ammo, eyes and ears.

For more information on the MSIOC event on August 17, 2021, please review the Registration Form. Payment for this event can be made here.

2021 Event Info

Dates: August 17 - 19, 2021

Location: Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center
101 West 100 North, Provo, Utah 84601

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Who We Support

All net proceeds from MSSTC support the families of fallen officers of the Utah 1033 Foundation. Named for the radio code “10-33", the call for an officer in urgent need of help, the Foundation is honored to give back to the families who accept great risk and make such a sacrifice to have safer communities.


MSSTC would not be possible without our sponsors. Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors. The licensed insignia used in the logo is provided by Center Mass, Inc.

Interested in being a sponsor? Please review and complete a Sponsorship Form. Contact Tracy Henderson with questions.

Event Administrators

Jason Richards

Event Director


Lane Critser

Director of Training


Tracy Henderson

Sponsor Coordinator



Q | How will this benefit me/my team?

A | The events are created to test the application of “critical skills” that a tactical team member should know and retain on a yearly basis.

Q | What is the ratio of competition vs. training?

A | All 16-18 events are a training/learning event. Many events have a short intro/training/educational/update on technology, products, and current applications of products in legal updates and force applications. All events that involve fitness, time or weapons accuracy are scored competition events. Half of the events are live-fire (competition) and half are skills/scenario/non-lethal training munitions training events.

Q | Can I assess my teams/individual performance?

A | Yes, each event will have an evaluation sheet or score sheet that is available to team administrators to view for performance evaluation.

Q | Why MSSTC?

A | MSSTC is on its sixth year and the format has changed every year. The reason for this is that we are constantly looking at current events and how they can be applied to the “critical skills” test for the upcoming year. We seek feedback from team members and team leaders to determine if any other events should be included to address the tactical community’s needs. Every year the events change, adjust and improve based on the feedback.

Q | Where does my money go?

A | MSSTC is a fundraiser for the Utah 1033 Foundation which provides money to primary survivors of LEOKA - law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.